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A Case Against C++

C / C++
Felix von Leitner
Chaos Communication Camp 2007
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Mar 27, 2013
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The selling points for C++ are mostly focused on how it supposedly makes it easier to write code. This talk will argue that it is much more important to make code easy to read, and in that respect C++ is a huge regression compared to C. The talk is mostly from the perspective of a professional code auditor. The point of the talk is to get people to think about how others (and themselves!) will have to read and understand the code in the future. This point is also true for other programming languages, so this is not just about C++ bashing, it is about showing what coding style is good for future generations and which will just get you in trouble. The examples will mostly be C++, obviously, but people from other programming languages might learn a thing or two from the talk, too.

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