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Advanced Chrome Extension Exploitation - Leveraging API Powers for the Better Evil

Kyle Osborn
Black Hat USA 2012
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Jun 05, 2014
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Browser exploitation can seem to be a nearly unachievable task these days. ASLR, DEP, segregated processes and sandboxes have proven to be effective in abating exploits by attackers. Our expectation of browser security is so high, that in addition to bug bounty programs, competitions such as Pwn2Own and Pwnium have been formed around the core concept of weeding out dangerous bugs. But even with all the current protections, there is still attack surface not being exploited. We are, of course, talking about Chrome Extensions security bugs. These bugs can lead to extremely powerful attacks, which can effectively allow an attacker to take over your browser. In our workshop, we will demonstrate the power given to an attacker in a presence of a vulnerable extension, and present a tool which will assist in their practical exploitation.

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