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Automated Hacking via Google

Daniel Bartlett
Chaos Communication Congress 21th (21C3) 2004
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Mar 27, 2013
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A look at methods of locating vulnerable sites via google and exploiting them with no user interaction and how to prevent your code being vulnerable. People learn a little about scripting for the web and hardly ever about security. This leaves us with many issues on many sites. The simplest of things get overlooked and can often lead to full system compromise. Technically this talk focuses on PHP since it is extreamly commonplace and people pick it up reasonably quickly and easily. Looking at the largest and smallest of errors in code, explaining how to exploit, how to rectify and how to inform. Many people overlook that, disclose what you find, tell the owner of the site! We will discuss the scripts and programs that have been developed for automating the whole process, even down to logging all the info in a nice little web application.

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