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Automatic Identification of Cryptographic Primitives in Software

Felix Gröbert
Chaos Communication Congress 27th (27C3) 2010
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Mar 27, 2013
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In this talk I demonstrate our research and the implementation of methods to detect cryptographic algorithms and their parameters in software. Based on our observations on cryptographic code, I will point out several inherent characteristics to design signature-based and generic identification methods. Using dynamic binary instrumentation, we record instructions of a program during runtime and create a fine-grained trace. We implement a trace analysis tool, which also provides methods to reconstruct high-level information from a trace, for example control flow graphs or loops, to detect cryptographic algorithms and their parameters. With the results of this work, encrypted data, sent by a malicious program for example, may be decrypted and used by an analyst to gain further insight on the behavior of the analyzed binary executable. Applications include de-DRM'ing, security auditing, and malware C&C analysis. After the talk we will demonstrate the functionality with a ransomware which uses cryptographic primitives and release the implementation to the public.

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