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Bullseye on Your Back - Life on the Adobe Product Incident Response Team

David Lenoe, Wendy Poland
Source Conference Boston 2010
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Mar 26, 2013
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Ubiquity can come at a price: Experience has shown that the more popular and widely deployed an application is with end-users, the more likely that application will become a target for attackers and good security researchers alike. Available in 34 languages, on all major platforms, and just about every desktop/laptop, it’s no surprise that Adobe Reader has made the lists of top applications targeted in 2010. Join this session, and hear David Lenoe and Wendy Poland, members of the Adobe Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT), talk about the challenges of having the bullseye on your back and the hard lessons learned in the process. In looking at a recent zero-day vulnerability, Dave and Wendy will offer insight into Adobe’s product security incident response, the process of acting on vulnerability reports, and the analysis that goes into developing a schedule for a fix. Live and learn—you could be taking center stage before you know it!

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