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Code Injection for Nintendo Wii

Dong-Joo Ha, Ki-Chan Ahn
AVTokyo 2010
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Mar 27, 2013
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A large portion of people who possess a Gaming Console or a Smartphone are downloading paid software illegally from the web or p2p. Most of those people do not even give a second thought before installing the downloaded software, and merely just check that the application works. The sense of security here comes from the application's popularity and the fact that the application is working as advertised with no noticeable problems. The reason why people have this kind of false sense of security for Console Gaming systems or Mobile Devices is because they are not fully aware that malware can potentially bring the same devastating effects as that of a PC malware, and no one has published a reliable way to inject a malware to a legit software. However, the boundry of these devices and the PC is getting very thin due to the evolution of hardware, which makes these devices capable of bringing the same negative effects of PC malware. In this presentation, we will show how to inject code into binary for Nintendo Wii, and show a demo live action.

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