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Cybernetics for the Masses

robotics, science
Lepht Anonym
Chaos Communication Congress 27th (27C3) 2010
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Mar 27, 2013
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Lightning talk on biohacking, complete with cyborg speaker, implant demonstrations, and knowledge of how to hack your own perception of electromagnetic radiation for approximately thirty Euros. A talk on what's become my specialty - biohacking, or meathacking, whatever you wanna call it. I've got a full set of home-brewed implants, a subdermal RFID, a sort of cult on the Internet plus things like proven designs for cheap EM sensory nodes, experimental verification of that shit I'm claiming, etc. I have videos of procedures, photos of what I've been doing and the like, and will happily make gory slides for all to see. Can do demos of the EM nodes and RFID chip as well. I want to talk about the grinder movement - underground biohacking - it's my life. Thus, my article in H+ Magazine: "A call to arms for biohackers".

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