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Datamining the NSA: Introduction

data mining
Erich Möchel
Chaos Communication Congress 21th (21C3) 2004
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Mar 27, 2013
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An inquiry into the strategies, methods and actors of the "Biometrics Consortium" an NSA led incubator project in the field of biometrics. Presentation by q/uintessenz biometrics research unit. A short introduction to the "Biometric Consortium" - a NSA led incubator project started at the North Carolina Supercomputing Center in 1992 Beginnings of the Mailing_list in the year 1994, main players involved. State of the NSA at that time and the main incentives to appear for the first time in semi-public. List of original .mil posters, major changes of list policies in 1997. Founder Joseph P.Campbell and other NSA wits from the NCSC. How Henry J. Boitel, current moderator of the BC-List appeared out of the box on Sept. 12 2001. The astonishing weekly news output of a single man. The FBI, Homeland Security and the Army and the NSA. Which agency wants what kind of biometrics as a standard? The role of the biometrics industry in NOT finding a universal biometrics identification standard. The key role of SAGEM Morpho in the modernization of the FBI's fingerprint database in the years until 2003. How SAGEM Morpho drew off the main share of the world's biometrics market in 2004 and was kicked in the butt in retaliation. Why the main goal of the NSA's effort, a universal biometric ID-standard could not be achieved. From the "Biometrics Consortium" to the NSA's "SELinux" Project.

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