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Decentralized clustering

obfuscation, privacy
Herr Urbach
Chaos Communication Camp 2011
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Mar 27, 2013
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In January 2011 the fear of all internauts became bitter truth. A whole country was kill-switched by the government. The flow of data was interrupted, communication laid waste. Not only the Internets was taken down, other means of communication were interrupted too. Cell Phone providers took down their services. So, there was no Internets in Egypt. Internauts had no chance to communicate what is happening, mothers and fathers could not send emails to theire relatives. No data was flowing. As the phone lines were working, this was the solutions: Modems. In this talk I will describe what Telecomix agents had done during these days to bring back internet to the people of egypt. We used modem technology and set up dial up points all over the world and convinced providers with modem pools to open theire pools for the egyptians for free. Another thing we did was communication via HAM radio and of course fax. Not like anonymous who like to fax cables and stuff, but helpful information about medical help, how to communicate on a secure base and things like that. Furthermore I will describe the structure of Telecomix who are working as a decentralized cluster.

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