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Detecting Hardware Keyloggers

Fabian Mihailowitsch
Hashdays 2010
Indexed on
Mar 27, 2013

Hardware keyloggers are tiny devices that are plugged between a computer keyboard and a computer. They are available for PS/2 as well as USB keyboards. Once plugged, they are able to record all key strokes and store them using an internal memory. Thereby the main focus is to stay undetected. Most manufacturers promote their models cannot be detected by software and thus have an advantage over software based keyloggers. However that's not correct. Hardware keyloggers make slight changes to the interaction between the keyboard and the computer. These changes can be detected by software and used to determine whether a hardware keylogger is present. During this talk various techniques will be presented to detect hardware keyloggers theoretical and practical. Finally a PoC tool will be released, that implements these described techniques.

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