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DIY synthesizers and sound generators

Chaos Communication Congress 27th (27C3) 2010
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Mar 27, 2013
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At least if you have used all the features of a synthesizer, you probably ask the questions: "How can I modify it? How can I build a synthesizer myself? What features do I personally need?" This talk covers this topic from a theoretical and technical point of view. Since commercial synthesizers have been built, the interest in modifying existing synthesizers and building own synthesizers has increased. Nowadays there is a much bigger DIY (Do-It-Yourself) community, and the idea of building own synthesizers and modules has been even merged with the idea of open-source and creative-commons hardware. This gives a wide range of new possibilities. Another part of the talk will be a quick introduction of less or more known DIY-synthesizer projects and the demonstration of a DIY synthesizer based on MOS 6581-like synthesis (The Commodore SID), which can be built from quite cheap electronic components and give a wide range of possibilities for sound generation and a reasonable sound. This talk will briefly describe the basics of sound synthesis and what makes it so interesting. A little bit of basic knowledge is recommended, but not necessary.

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