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Enabling Innovation in Europe

Paul Böhm
Chaos Communication Camp 2007
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Mar 27, 2013
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Great things rarely happen just because of good people or great ideas. For something interesting to happen opportunity, vision, and the ability to execute must come together. Why are there so few European ICT startups? If you've been following EU Reports on Innovation, you can see how bad the situation is already. In the words of the former Finnish Prime Minister, Mr. Esko Aho, in what is the Europan Union's prime document outlining a strategy for creating an innovative Europe: "Europe and its citizens should realize that their way of life is under threat[...] This society, averse to risk and reluctant to change, is in itself alarming but it is also unsustainable in the face of rising competition from other parts of the world." This talk explores Europe's seeming inability to innovate in ICT, looks for explanations from the perspective of founders, and tries to offer solutions to Europe's Innovation Dilemma.

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