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Fun with Google Custom Searches: Intelligence, Secrets and Leaks

Google, intelligence
Jamal Bandukwala
Black Hat Abu Dhabi 2011
Indexed on
Mar 27, 2013
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Traditional Google searches can generate millions of results many of which are not relevant to what a user is looking for and when a user searches for items with various advanced operators they are still limited to searching one site at a time. This means that an individual can have to peruse through several different pages of sometimes questionable quality looking for relevant and usable information. My custom searches allow a user to peruse multiple relevant sources at the same time. I have put together three different custom searches/ engines; each of these searches goes through different types of online sources/ content and consequently provides different types of information/ intelligence. My presentation goes over each of these custom searches and provides examples of the type of information one can obtain from them and also examines how they can be used both in an offensive manner (ie. attacks) and defensively as well. One can find everything from credit card numbers to passport information and even do things like interrupt travel plans and take over identities. Additionally you can also find significant information on various individuals even if they do not have their own presence online; this can allow an attacker to craft a much more convincing attack to get the information they need. It would appear that the custom search engine owner/ creator and the individual using the searches are both only limited by the content in the search engine and their imagination. The possibilities on what you can find with the appropriate search are endless.

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