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Head Hacking - The Magic of Suggestion and Perception

social engineering
Dale Pearson
Hashdays 2010
Indexed on
Mar 27, 2013

Social Engineering is considered by many as a sort of magical art form in the Infosec world, some of the best at it must have Jedi like powers to get into some of the places they do. The magic or art of SE is all about creating a situation that suggests you belong, and are perceived to be just like everyone else just going about your business. Some people have a natural flare for SE, they are good at building rapport and are generally likeable. People say that SE exists because of human stupidity and there is no patch for it, but what if you can understand why the human brain is susceptible, if you understand this better can you be more successful in your SE exploits, and can you use this to educate and perhaps help apply that patch. During my talk I will discuss how I looked at methods and skills that can be learnt to better understand how the human brain works, and how it can be manipulated. This will take us on the journey and fun of looking at NLP patterns, mentalism and becoming a hypnotist myself. We will talk about why these skills can improve your success as a social engineer, as well as being more aware of being manipulated yourself.

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