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How To Herd Cats

Chaos Communication Congress 21th (21C3) 2004
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Mar 27, 2013
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Any goal-oriented group has to deal with workflow issues, but with capable, creative people this can often be a larger challenge then completing the goal. This talk will attempt to draw the line between management, tools, and communication in dealing with volunteer or professional workgroups. In terms of technique I will cover dialogue, debate, team management, hierarchies, and defining goals to determine necessary milestones/techniques. In terms of tools we will look at CVS, ticket systems, e-mail/instant mesaaging/IRC, and wikis for centralized data retrieval. In terms of scenarios there will be two major sections, goal oriented development/teams, and general research groups. In the first category would be open source development teams, CTF teams, and IT departments. In the second category would be meeting groups (CCC, 2600). Every section of this talk allows for a lot of expansion so the Q&A should be excellent. This talk will especially appeal to project managers, IT directors, educators, and involved hackers. Often the lack of social skills on the part of members of a team can destroy a project, this talk is meant to objectively analyze these weaknesses and suggest practical systems that allow people to work, learn, and even play together nicely.

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