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Introducing Funk: The Functional Fuzzer

Ben Kurtz
Chaos Communication Camp 2007
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Mar 27, 2013
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This talk will introduce a simple and incredibly powerful framework for the scripted generation of network traffic: Funk, a new tool for fuzzing arbitrary network protocols written using the Chicken Scheme-to-C compiler. Source code will be provided and explained, so you can start using this framework today for all your network traffic generation needs! Some familiarity with functional languages like Lisp or Scheme will be helpful, but not required. At my talk at DefCon 13, I described a framework and development environment for the generation of network traffic of arbitrary protocols. This framework was limited by it's reliance on a domain-specific language and the use of regular grammars. By re-visiting the same problem with a new perspective, the use of a functional language like Scheme, I've found a much simpler and more powerful approach. By using Chicken Scheme instead of a home-grown scripting language, even complicated protocols like ASN.1 can be fuzz-tested with ease. The use of a functional language makes it possible to provide a unified interface to all network protocols. This allows the abstraction of behavior for traffic generating programs, like fuzzers.

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