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Is this the Mobile Gadget World We Created?

Chaos Communication Camp 2011
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Mar 27, 2013
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The most ubiquitous device on the planet is arguably the mobile phone. Tragically, it is also a device built under some of the worst living and working conditions in the world. This is the story of a mission - To build the world's first ethical phone. The most ubiquitous device on the planet is arguably the mobile phone. We use them, we need them, we get new ones every few years. Our old phones are either in a drawer, a landfill, or in the hands of those people in places like China and Brazil where old electronics are broken down or repurposed. Meanwhile in many parts of one of the most troubled nations in the world, the minerals that make are new phones are being mined under some very questionable circumstances. From some of the worst labor conditions in the world comes the cobalt and other essential minerals that will one day be your iphone. -- Is this how it simply has to be? -- A group in the Netherlands has embarked on an ambitious, risky, and little known quest - To build the world's first ethical phone. Are where did they start? In the Congo of course...

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