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Nintendo DS

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The Nintendo DS is a mobile gaming console. It was first introduced in 2004. Our talk will give a short introduction of the hardware and available games. The main focus however lies on homebrew software, DSLinux, alternative firmware, copy protection, flash cards and online gaming protocols. The Nintendo DS is often seen as a direct competitor to the Sony PSP, but sells at a much lower price. The DS consists of two ARM CPUs, two displays, one of them functions as a touchscreen and a wifi interface. Due to its small amount of RAM, 4MB, the DS provides a real challenge to developers. We will explain different methods used to circumvent the copy protection and replace the existing firmware. Afterwards we will introduce the most common flash cartridges used to run homebrew software and pirated ROMs. While talking about homebrew applications we will focus on wifi applications, like scanners and development environments. At last we will present an analysis of the online gaming protocols.

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