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Prospecting for Rootite: More Code Coverage, More Bugs, Less Wasted Effort

code analysis, code auditing
Ben Nagy
Ruxcon 2010
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Mar 26, 2013
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Everyone wants better code coverage for their fuzzers. Work in the field has ranged from the extremely theoretical to the downright impossible. Recently, Microsoft and Charlie Miller both released research on using run-tracing to select a set of templates, in such a way that maximum code coverage is achieved. Trouble is, Microsoft has the advantage of source code access, and Charlie is using Valgrind. The bad news for people fuzzing Windows files is that there have been no viable options for closed source targets. Well, now there are. We're releasing some scripts to mine search engines for templates, a scriptable run-tracer that doesn't suck, and the post-processing backend to select the minimal template set. We'll also drop some interesting fuzzing metrics based on our internal use of Prospector and probably an 0day or two.

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