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Now you've got that r0ket thing. What to do with it? If you have a r0ket, bring it to our talk! We will try to play a game of pong with every participant. You need the l0dable r_game to join the fun :) As we won't be using cryptokeys, you'll need the new 28c3 firmware so the l0dable will run and everything else works. For CCCamp 2011 we designed r0ket with team r0ket. Besides being a shiny electronic name tag, the r0ket is an easy to use full featured microcontroller development board. 3000 r0kets were given to the participants, to be creative. At Camp we already told you about the journey to getting everything ready. In r0ket++ we will tell you what happened since camp and what we learned from moving the whole production of r0ket to China. You will get more information about writing your own software for r0ket. And finally you will find out, what your r0ket does at 28c3: Besides using r0ket as a rem0te, you can participate in an openBeacon based tracking.

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