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Rugged Software: A Value Based Strategy for Improving Our Digital Infrastructure

software development
Josh Corman
Source Conference Boston 2010
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Mar 26, 2013
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Software has become modern infrastructure. Though we have made progress with tools and frameworks in the security community, too few outside of security recognize the security context of this digital infrastructure and the awesome responsibility that comes with developing it. Rugged is a meme - a contagious value set aimed to reach the hearts and minds of the masses who create software, purchase software, and depend upon software. We've been working hard fighting the heads of the Hydra. It's time to fight smarter and better focus on the heart. Digital infrastructure needs software that is not only agile, but also Rugged. Rugged software is capable of withstanding hostile actions and hostile environments while delivering business value. Rugged Software Development provides a philosophical foundation for regularly and consistently creating resilient, survivable software. Rugged guides software developers to create better software without the draconian notion of security police breathing down their necks. Rugged is a value system, not a compliance system. In a technology-dependent world, software needs to be Rugged. Read the Rugged Manifesto at www.ruggedsoftware.org for more information. Rugged is just beginning.

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