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Software Protection and the TPM

Amit Singh
Chaos Communication Congress 23th (23C3) 2006
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Mar 27, 2013
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Ever since Apple announced the x86 version of Mac OS X, people have been obsessed with running the operating system on non-Apple hardware. The media has given this topic more than its fair share of coverage, with nary a week going by without some discussion of the tussle between Apple and system attackers attempting to "crack" Mac OS X. Regardless of the periodic outcomes of such tussles (including the so-called hacker victories), widespread myths continue about what happens inside Mac OS X with respect to such protection. Moreover, the presence of trusted platform modules (TPMs) in newer Apple computer models only makes the situation more interesting--trusted hardware is perhaps one of the most untrusted (and misunderstood) entities on earth. In this talk, we will unravel some TPM mysteries and look at the architecture of Mac OS X relevant to software protection.

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