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Space Communism

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Following "Chaos und Kritische Theorie" from 23C3, another verbal battle: Oona Leganovic (aka Ijon Tichy) will promote the idea to sublate the capital relation and bring about communism first and only then to go to Space, because otherwise the earthly problems will be spread everywhere. Daniel Kulla (impersonating Captain Kathryn Janeway) will, on the other hand, defend the exploration humanism that once already ended the middle ages and of which can be expected to do the same to the crusted planetary commodity circus. No doubt, Earth is humanity's cradle once to be left behind for outer space. But should we do that as soon as possible hoping it will solve our social problems in the process? Or would it be better to solve them first, could it be these problems that won't allow us to pursue space exploration at all? Ijon Tichy from Stanislaw Lem's "Star Diaries" will exemplify the omnipresence of human error and improvisation. This will make for a strong argument to establish a society shaped by human condition rather than the exchange value, before going anywhere else. Captain Kathryn Janeway from Star Trek Voyager portrays the attempt to keep control over technology and social relations. While aiming at universal emancipation as well, she advocates a "first things first" doctrine and stresses the importance of horizon expansion, both in exploration and the quest for self-awareness.

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