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State of the Hash: SHA-3 and Beyond

alghoritm, cryptography
Jean-Philippe Aumasson
Hashdays 2010
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Mar 27, 2013
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After the AES Competition in the late 90s, the US NIST is now running a public competition to select the future cryptographic hash SHA-3. In this talk, we’ll present the motivations behind this initiative, with a focus on the only Swiss candidate BLAKE, which is one of the few candidates left in the competition. Then we’ll describe new results on one of the SHA-3 candidates, and we'll discuss the applicability of fault injection attacks to the HMAC construction. Finally, we’ll argue that SHA-3 is not the end of the road, since SHA-3 candidates are all software-oriented algorithms too demanding for constrainted environments, and we’ll present a proposal for a lightweight hash (previously presented at CHES 2010).

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