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Taint Nobody Got Time for Crash Analysis

bug hunting
Richard Johnson
REcon 2013
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Sep 18, 2014
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The last decade has seen a large focus on vulnerability discovery automation with various methods of fuzzing and input generation, however little has been said about crash analysis or triage. This talk will discuss a powerful toolchain for crash analysis that incorporates the best available approaches for automated reasoning about memory access violation exceptions and overcomes limitations in currently available tools such as !exploitable and crashwrangler. In particular, we will discuss three key areas: dynamic taint analysis to track areas of memory that are influenced by user-controlled data, forward and backward taint slicing to isolate input bytes that lead to the crashing state, and finally forward symbolic execution to determine if the input can be modified to reach an alternate state giving more control over the execution of the program. In other words, our system will isolate the input bytes causing the crash and try to determine if your ReadAV can actually be turned into a WriteAV or code execution.

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