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Technologies of Political Control - Current state of the art in police technology

Chaos Communication Camp 2003
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Mar 27, 2013
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we are working on a project dealing with the "technologies of political control". It is a mixed media installation for public space, combining elements of interactive media art, mobile architecture and environmental theatre. we are planning to communicate information on latest high end police technology, which mostly is in a state of research and development right now. the core subject of it is crowd control technology like microwave guns, electrorifles, sticky foam, toxic aerosol projectors, flash-bang bombs and as well e.g. gentically modified ethnically selective gas and visual + sonic holograms. the bigger part of the information is coming from an NGO called Omega Foundation which are consultatnts of the EU Stoa programme, being responsible to assess scientific and technological options in Europe regarding their relation towards human rights. we are in fact planning to use and demonstrate such technology in visitor-friendly testbeds. we are kind of pinching those hardware elements or (re)write software which makes it feasible for the audience to experience the effects of those so called "non-lethal weapons". the creative process will be "bricolage", squatting areas which normally are the domain of top secret research and production facilities --- and convert it for subversive use. we are planning to build an "intelligent room" stuck with sensors, soundsystems, light and so on. a second layer will be that we work with actors that mingle with the audience and spread information in a more or less "paranoic" way, like "agents provocateurs".

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