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Terminator Genes and GURT - Biological Restrictions Management

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Terminator Technology prevents plants from producing reproducible seeds, acting as a sort of copy protection technology for plants. In this talk we want to talk about the technological background, explaining the bits of genetic code that can switch reproduction on and off. Also we want to focus on the implication of this technology, the parallels to our struggles as hackers, and the resistance to its introduction. In 2000 the conference of the parties of the convention on biological diversity agreed on a quasi moratorium towards the introduction on terminator technology. Now, as problems within green biotech rise, terminator seeds are being introduced as a "safety mechanism". In fact, this technology is capable of making farmers more dependant of seed-producers, disallowing own reproduction of seeds. This talk will not only explain the genetic coding behind the terminator technology, but also point out the many aspects BRM (or ARM) and DRM, farmers throughout the world, especially in developing countries, and hackers and other civil libertarians have in common and where a joint struggle can bring help both sides.

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