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The RIP Act, "Anti-Terrorism" laws, and data retention

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The British 'RIP Act' became notorious in 2000 for being the first detailed legislation in the world with powers to compel disclosure of keys and passwords. In the same year, a new Terrorism Act criminalised hacktivism, and emergency powers enacted in the UK since Sep 11th can compel ISPs to log traffic data on all customers, which can be used broadly and for non-terrorist purposes. GCHQ is also granted new powers to interfere with foreign computers. ISPs can be required to install "black-boxes" to monitor some or all of the data flowing through their networks. How do the legal powers for mass-surveillance apply to domestic and international communications ? What do hackers need to know about this legislation ? What is the way forward to achieve credible legal and technical safeguards on state Internet surveillance ? We will survey British interception and crypto policy over the past few years, and aim to stimulate audience debate about European-level legislation such as the CoE Treaty on Cybercrime, new EU Directives on "anti-hacking" and Communications Privacy, and to compare experiences about influencing the legislative process at national and European level.

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