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What is WhiteIT and what does it aim for?

Christian Bahls
Chaos Communication Congress 28th (28C3) 2011
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Mar 27, 2013
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This talk will be about the WhiteIT project, initiated by Mr Schünemann, German Minister of Interior in the state of Lower Saxony. The WhiteIT project is concerned with combating the online-distribution of child abuse material. WhiteIT tries to develop tools and processes to cooperatively suppress the disemination and (re-)distribution of said material. During the Talk the lecturer will try to encourage some open source intelligence. So please consider bringing a laptop, netbook or tablet with you to help gather and collect certain informations right away. Being involved with the WhiteIT project, the lecturer will use this opportunity to speak freely about his concerns regarding certain aspects of the endeavour. The talk will try to explain some of the projects aims as well as technical tools and processes developed and why he thinks this also concerns you as well. Although the talk will mainly be concerned with WhiteIT and its members, it will also be of concern for other nationals as there are some global players involved. The Talk will be somewhat interactive asking you to crowdsource certain information that the lecturer could not get hold off, so please bring a laptop, netbook or tablet with you to be able access a wiki/etherpad.

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