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Will it Blend

client side, exploiting
Billy Rios
Ruxcon 2010
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Mar 26, 2013
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Today’s information systems are giant mesh of complexity. Typical consumer systems have large numbers of software created by different software manufactures installed on their machines. This mesh of software creates an ecosystem, where software is intertwined and in some cases dependant on each other. When one piece of the ecosystem gets out of line, it can have a dramatic effect on the ecosystem as a whole. A small vulnerability or even an ‘annoying’ behaviour from one piece of software can alter the behaviour of a 2nd piece of software, a behavior which a 3rd piece of software is depending on for a security decision. Enter the world of blended vulnerabilities and attacks. This talk will discuss the details of various ‘blended’ attacks and demonstrates the chaining of seeming low risk vulnerabilities and unusual design decisions from popular software together to create a higher risk exploit.

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