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Zero Tool Hacking

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Hacking used to be an art; one may get the impression that this turned recently in other questions of, say how many toolz you have and which systems you own. Within our presentation we will demonstrate hacking approaches with little or even no tools at all. Given a reasonable number of standard operating system utilities, much information about a network can be obtained and several hacks deem possible. This is no presenation of cutting-edge techniques, most of the approaches have been possible since many years/for a long time. However, we will not explain what TCP/IP means or how to calculate a netmask. Targetetd to an audience that knows what networking is all about but wishes to see more obfruscated means of using well-known utilities. During the hands-on session we will explain and demonstrate how we can draw maps of segments with traceroute, how to identify filtered hosts with ping and arp, how to do IP spoofing and segment invasion with ifconfig or how to get some more reliable information about a webserver. We conclude with a discussion of the feasibility of this approach, identify useful tools that can be of effective help and name those which mainly keep you stupid whilst they do not do any better.

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